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EA Sports has decided to go released 18 download for FIFA. Although delayed, many gamers are likely to catch their breath for the weekend. Actually, the game should be ready for download from midnight today.

by Daniel Bader29.09.2017

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Update from the Update (15:01): EA Sports has decided to go the download for FIFA 18 released (see screenshot). Although delayed, many gamers are likely to breathe a sigh of relief over their weekend plans. Actually, the game should be ready for download from midnight today. However, the reason why the download was delayed is still unclear. Several thousand users who purchased a third-party product code in advance were affected. 

[Now ready for download: FIFA 18] Still ready to download: FIFA 18Zoom© PCtipp

Update (14:30 clock) - The first extension exists even before the kick-off:  The manufacturer EA-Sports has now postponed the date for the PC version FIFA 18 Coin Generator Xbox One(online download) on 10 October 2017. Currently, the version is at least "preloaded". The release date is therefore now on 10 October 2017 (see screenshot). In advance, several thousand users reported a missing download button of the game FIFA 18 in the Standard Edition. This should actually be released for download at midnight today.



Meanwhile, in the EA forum almost a thousand users have complained about the lack of the download button (see screenshot) on the corresponding Origin platform coin master free spins hack. This button first allows you to install the game and then play it. The disc version does not seem to be affected by this issue. The solution is probably still coming. The manufacturer is working to fix this problem. An exact time, when this will actually be the case, is the PCtipp editors but not available.


Here's the news of this morning: As one of the top games 2017 "hyped", manufacturer EA sports leaves its FIFA 18 buyers, at least partially, in the rain. And right on time for the start of the game. Other than promised, FIFA 18 coins hack, as a PC version that was purchased via a download key, has not been saved yet, can be played ergo (as of September 29, 9:46 pm). PCtip also tried hats, and confirms this problem.

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